Indigenous-led Water Relationships within the Columbia Basin Webinar Series

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This webinar series was organized to make time, space and place for the Ktunaxa, Secwepemc, Syilx-Okanagan/Sinixt Peoples to share values, relationships and responsibilities for and with Water, now and for the future of the water in the Columbia Basin.

Recordings for all three webinars are below. 

Read the media release here.

Syilx-Okanagan/Sinixt Knowledge Relationships: Byron Louis, Dallas Goodwater & Rob Edward

Tuesday, November 9 • 12:30pm-3:30pm PT/1:30pm-4:30pm MT/3:30pm-6:30pm ET

Secwepemc Knowledge Relationships: Kukpi7 Wayne Christian & Robyn Laubman

Air date: Tuesday, November 2 • 12:30pm-3:30pm PT/1:30pm-4:30pm MT/3:30pm-6:30pm ET

Ktunaxa Knowledge Relationships: Jim Clarricoates & Norm Allard

Air date: Tuesday, October 26 • 1 pm – 4 pm PT/2 pm – 5 pm MT/ 4 pm – 7 pm ET

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Emily Mask, Living Lakes Canada Applied Reconciliation Manager:


Secwepemc Presenters

Wayne M. Christian is of Secwépemc ancestry. His Indian name is Wenecwtsin, it comes from his great grandfather. He is a proud father of seven children and 27 grandchildren. Kukpi7 (Chief) Christian was re-elected for his 7th consecutive election with a term for 4 years as Chief of Splatsin January 10th, 2018. Kukpi7 Christian has worked for over 40 years in establishing healing and health systems for the Indigenous Nations of BC. Christian is currently one of the Tribal Chiefs of the Secwépemc Nation representing 9 of the 17 communities of the Secwépemc Nation with responsibilities’ for Stsmamlth (Children) & Aboriginal Title and Rights.

Kukpi7 Christian in his first role as Chief lead two major initiatives in fighting for our rights; the Indian Child Caravan 1980 and the Constitution Express 1980 and 1981—fighting for recognition of our laws and jurisdictions for our lands resources and people.

He is committed to unravelling the legislative genocide that removed our governance from our territories; our families; to rebuild the Secwépemc Nation.

Robyn Laubman is the Territorial Water Manager for Splatsin te Secwépemc, the southernmost community of the Secwépemc Nation. Robyn is a Professional Biologist of mixed-European heritage and a mother of two teenaged daughters, who as a visitor to the beautiful lands and waters of Secwépemcúlucw, continues to develop her passion and to learn about the natural world and respectful ways of living amongst it.  Her diverse background in conservation and ecological research and stewardship initiatives spans over 15 years, where over the last 6 years, she has had the good fortune to work with the Splatsin community within the Title & Rights department to safeguard a healthy and resilient environment for future generations.

Syilx-Okanagan/Sinixt Presenters

Byron Louis has over 25 years of knowledge and experience, at various levels of the political spectrum. First, elected to Council in 1991, then designed as Chair of the Okanagan Nation Fisheries Commission in 1995 and as a title and rights advisor at the Tribal Council and Regional level, and political liaison designate with US based Tribal, Public and Private Utilities (Hydro-electric generation) and State and Federal Authorities. Over the course of his career he has served in various facets of political office involving Natural Resource Management, Economic Development, Public Works, Community planning, liaison and strategic development and negotiation with various levels of government and the private sector.

Mr. Louis has extensive experience in field of conservation relating to Species at Risk and critical habitat regionally and nationally. Starting in 1998 Mr. Louis was appointed to the Aboriginal Working Group (AWG) on Species at Risk that ran until 2004. The AWG during its six-year duration achieved a number of precedents such as; review, analysis and drafting of recommendations on a draft bill prior to tabling in the House of Commons. The Species At Risk Act (SARA) was passed into law in 2004.

Mr. Louis has over 15 years’ experience in trans-boundary fisheries policy development and has prepared presentations to the Pacific Salmon Treaty (PST) representatives, engaged US-based, federal, state and Tribal authorities, Public and Private Utilities hydro-electric producers and their Canadian counterparts on ecosystem based recovery of the Okanagan Sub Basin and the Upper Reaches of the Columbia River. This work provided the foundation for the signing of multimillion-dollar contract for the purposes of recovery of the Okanagan Sub-Basin that has created ongoing and substantial socio-economic benefits.

Mr. Louis continues to work extensively on First Nations social and economic issues and interests and currently serving his sixth term as Chief of the Okanagan Indian Band.

Dallas Good Water, Okanagan Syilx was born and raised with her mother’s people from the Inkumupulux/Head of the Lake, and also lived with and learned from her father’s family at St’at’imc/Ts’kw’aylax.

She received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree, with a major in Anthropology and minor in First Nations Studies from Simon Fraser University Secwepemc Campus, her Master of Arts (M.A.) degree, Indigenous Studies from the University of British Columbia (Okanagan).

Dallas’s research interests relates to Indigenous knowledge systems transforming early historical research for present day uses.  Her thesis research looked at historical documents related to salmon distribution or sharing through a Syilx Okanagan lens for the ability to inform present day salmon distribution practices.

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    I was unable to join, can you please provide a time frame to join before the meeting start time. As well since it is online, can you increase the number of attendees. If you have a recorded session can you please provide an email for viewing for after the meeting. Thank you

  • Marlene Squakin

    I was unable to join, the video or telephone link. Can you please provide a time frame to join before the meeting start time. As well since it is online, can you increase the number of attendees. If you have a recorded session can you please provide an email address for viewing for after the meeting. Thank you

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