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Why it matters

Our ultimate vision is to empower the public to understand water stewardship and to take an active role in protecting and preserving our waterways and our communities.

Imagine trying to make important decisions regarding the long-term health of your community without essential data to inform your decision-making process. Would you make a plan based on a best guess rather than data? Is that responsible? Is it wise?

Living Lakes Canada works to empower communities and decision makers with tools, data and knowledge so they can make informed decisions and safeguard their waterways, ecosystems and preserve the community fabric for the long term.

How you can help

Support our ability to continue on our mission:

Living Lakes Canada envisions a world where everyone understands the importance of water stewardship and together work to preserve, protect and restore our freshwater resources so we are able to live sustainably.

By investing in our ability to continue our mission, you are providing Living Lakes Canada with the greatest flexibility, allowing us to respond to the most urgent needs and focus on our core pillars of education and training, data management and shared resources, disseminating, coordinating and collaborating, and measuring impact.

Support Education & Training:

For many communities, water management and availability is an intensive, nuanced and highly technical issue. Living Lakes Canada is committed to providing essential information to communities and their decision-makers, increasing their knowledge that will assist them in their sustainability planning processes.

Living Lakes Canada works to increase awareness of the importance of water stewardship and trains community members on sample collection processes. This ensures that sampling is done accurately, and that information gleaned from those samples is reliable. This is essential for communities to plan their water balance and water usage, improving their sustainability and increasing their support of the surrounding ecosystems.

Support Data Management & Resource Sharing:

Often, accessing water data is a lengthy and often frustrating process. Water data can be housed across a number of local, regional, provincial and federal systems and will provide snippets of data that creates an incomplete picture.

Some communities that do gather data are storing it on spreadsheets or in notebooks, and as people move on from these roles and memories fade, we lose this historical data that is so important for community planning and for assessing the state of water in these areas.

In order to move beyond and create a system that is accessible for all, Living Lakes Canada is creating data management and resource sharing tools that provides decision-makers with water data information that links in with all databases and water management resources.

This provides communities with an easy one-stop-shop to access information.

Support Disseminating, Coordinating and Collaborating:

Living Lakes Canada believes the best way to effect change is by working together with all stakeholders to build knowledge and awareness about key trends and best practices.

Focusing on disseminating, collaborating and coordinating means that communities and water decision-makers are able to build off of lessons that other communities have learned, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

By supporting dissemination, coordination and collaboration you are ensuring that LLC can: publish important policy recommendations and publications; host workshops, roundtables and conferences, and promote cooperation and connection among all actors so we can create a national water stewardship strategy.

Support Action & Impact:

Living Lakes Canada works to measure impact and determine effectiveness of policy and technical tools. By doing so, we are holding decision-makers to account and using evidence and data gathering techniques to assess impact and efficacy.

This information will help Living Lakes Canada, and everyone across Canada, gain access to leading-edge supports, techniques, tools and recommendations, which will improve our impact and our ability to support our important freshwater resources and live sustainably.

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Ways to give


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This keeps you up to date on our work, and shares stories of supporters just like you who are committed to protecting the environment and ensuring our future generations have the option to experience nature and our ecosystems the same way you have.

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You love your family, friends and community.

And you love the rivers, lakes and waterbodies that cover Canada.

You understand the importance of bridging the gap between science and action.

You believe in supporting evidence-based solutions that support the sustainable and long-term safeguarding these important eco-systems and providing tools to communities so that future generations can experience the wonder of nature, and continue to carry on the time-honoured tradition of escaping to a clean, sparkling lake during the summer months.

Thank you for considering entrusting your vision for the future with Living Lakes Canada. We are honoured.

We would love to answer your questions and thank you for your consideration.

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