March 2020 News Stream

In light of the quickly changing circumstances around the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 and its health impacts, clean water for sanitation and hygiene has become immeasurably more important. 

We are  fortunate to have source water from lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater. Whether it’s in the face of a pandemic or climate crisis impacts, progressive action plans for holistic water management, integrated across different sectors and coordinated beyond borders, will continue to support our well-being now and into the future.

World Water Day reminds us that we can honour the preciousness of water with gratitude and good stewardship. We send best wishes to our partner organizations in Canada and to our Living Lakes International friends around the world. Let’s take good care of each other during these challenging times. 

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January 2020 News Stream

Our mission to mainstream water stewardship across Canada expanded in leaps and bounds in 2019! Here are 5 highlights:

  1. Final Recommendations were released from national Roundtable Discussion on Community-Based Water Monitoring, which we co-convened with WWF-Canada, The Gordon Foundation, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada in Ottawa in November 2018.
  2. We saw the development of the Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Collaborative through to the home stretch amidst Columbia River Treaty Negotiations.
  3. Our STREAM team delivered CABIN courses in 5 priority watersheds across Canada for the STREAM project.
  4. Members of our team shared best practices at the Living Lakes 15th International Conference on Lakes & Wetlands in Valencia, Spain.
  5. Executive Director Kat Hartwig was featured in Water Canada Magazine as a Canadian Water Steward.

We’re excited for 2020 — a year of Vision!




“The two-day workshop hosted by Living Lakes Canada with support from World Wildlife Fund–Canada itself was engaging, very hands-on, and a lot of fun! Going over the procedures three times offered a terrific way to learn. Round one – ‘just watch the coaches do this – no magic here – you can do this too, just follow the protocols’. Round two – ‘put on your gear, all boots and hands in the water, work with the tools, follow the procedures – just do it!’ Round three – ‘ok, we know what needs to be done now and how to do it properly – let’s see if we can get it right this time and do it perfectly!’.”

~ Excerpt from guest blog by Ghost Watershed Alliance Society CABIN team about their CABIN workshop in Canmore, AB in July

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June 2019 News Stream

“Wetlands are one of the most significant ecosystems on the planet. They provide rich habitat for biodiversity and help mitigate the impacts of climate change. We need to take their preservation more seriously. Protecting the world’s wetlands is much more cost effective than trying to restore them. In collaboration with all sectors of civil society, we have the opportunity to preserve the integrity of the world’s remaining wetlands.”

~ Living Lakes Executive Director Kat Hartwig, from the Living Lakes 15th International Conference on Lakes & Wetlands

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March 2019 News Stream

“A thirst exists within Basin communities for greater influence over governance of local water resources.” 

Dr. Martin Carver, from the Executive Summary of Water Monitoring and Climate Change in the Upper Columbia Basin – Guidance Information for Planning Monitoring Programs

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December 2018 News Stream

“In this era of climate driven decision making, it is paramount that we have all hands on deck in order to increase the amount of reliable data used for water and land use decisions that will ultimately enhance our climate resiliency.”

~ Kat Hartwig, Living Lakes Canada Executive Director

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July 2018 News Stream

Thanks to the Nelson Design Collective, our website soft launch has a vibrant new look, beautifully featuring the water stewardship work done by our Living Lakes Canada team. You will find pictures and full profiles of the Living Lakes Canada extended team and advisors, updated projects and events, an easy-to-navigate project library and sorting tool, new “Get Involved” and “Donate Today” sections, and more. We hope you’ll take the time to explore the site and discover more about our programs, our team, our network and our vision.

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May 2018 News Stream

Living Lakes Canada is gearing up for a great and busy season! We heldour first field training workshop of the season with more trainings on the horizon, we’re working on launching a new and improved website, and we’re excited to share the results of the first Water Data Hub Stewardship Committee meeting as well as thoughts and resources on the United Nation’s Decade of Water Action (2018-2028). Don’t miss the Wings Over the Rockies workshop we’re co-hosting with Canadian geophysicist/engineer Paul Bauman on May 11 in Invermere – details on all these items and more below. Happy reading!

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February 2018 News Stream

Living Lakes Canada ended 2017 on a high note, with the incredibly successful Water Data Hub conference in Invermere and an international trip to Colombia to share best practices in community-based water monitoring. 2018 will see the continuation of our Columbia Basin Groundwater Monitoring Program and we’re excited at the prospect of establishing a Water Monitoring Framework for the Basin as the Water Data Hub starts to materialize. See the highlights below and stay tuned for another Living Lakes Canada News Stream update in April.

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