National Lake Blitz

National Lake Blitz
The National Lake Blitz engages community volunteers all across Canada to monitor a lake they love. Through this entry level monitoring using free tools provided to them, participants gain an understanding how climate and other impacts are affecting lake health and biodiversity.


Lakes in Canada are threatened by habitat loss, invasive species, pollution and climate impacts like rising water temperatures. The National Lake Blitz is an annual volunteer program with the goal of encouraging the widespread monitoring of lakes across Canada using simple tools so participants can gain a firsthand   understanding of how climate and other impacts are affecting lake health and biodiversity. The program also aims to promote water literacy and provide people with the resources to be active stewards at their local lakes.

Volunteers don’t need a science or technical background to participate. After signing up, each volunteer receives a standardized monitoring kit and free online training on how to monitor their chosen lake, from data collection to data entry. Our series of short training videos offers additional support to volunteers on the following topics:

All the lake data collected is uploaded to an interactive Lake Blitz Observation Map. The data is also made available on two open access online platforms for sharing fresh water data: the Columbia Basin Water Hub and Datastream.

The Lake Blitz program also facilitates a monthly Speaker Series. These virtual presentations are open to the public and provide opportunities for learning and networking with other volunteers, lake stewards and environmental leaders across Canada. 

For recordings of past Speaker Series presentations, visit:

Check out the National Lake Blitz Years 1-3 Volunteer Monitoring Summary Report below or click here to open it in a new tab.


  • What Living Lakes Canada provides to volunteers:
    • A free Level 1 Lake Blitz Kit (contains a thermometer, tape measure, field guide, and data sheets)
  • What’s available to purchase for volunteers who want to up their monitoring game:
    • A limited number of Level 2 Lake Blitz Kit for $60 (contains a Secchi Disk and Ph meter)
  • What you need:
    • Camera or cellphone (to take photos)
    • Cellphone or Computer (to upload your monitoring results)


The annual Lake Biodiversity Photo Challenge is the sister event to the Lake Blitz that is free for anyone to enter for the chance to win great prizes. The purpose of the Photo Challenge is to celebrate the beauty of lakes across Canada and raise awareness around what’s threatening their incredible biodiversity, while also helping promote the National Lake Blitz program.

For 2024, the Lake Biodiversity Photo Challenge will start in June and run through to the end of July, which is also Lakes Appreciation Month. Lake photos can be entered online in several different categories including a Kids Category for children 12 and under. 

All photos entered into the contest are displayed in an online gallery with weekly highlights shared on Living Lakes Canada’s social media channels.


The Lake Blitz is managed by British Columbia resident Camille Leblanc. You can reach Camille at

See Camille's profile.