National Lake Blitz

National Lake Blitz
The goal of the National Lake Blitz* is to encourage the widespread monitoring of lakes across Canada using simple tools so participants can easily understand the impacts of climate change on lakes.

National Lake Blitz

Key Takeaways:

  1. Lake Blitz participants help create a ‘snapshot’ of lake health in Canada by collecting temperature readings and photo observations at their local lake.
  2. Data will be available to communities and decision-makers via the Lake Blitz Observation Map.
  3. The Lake Biodiversity Photo Challenge is the sister event to the Lake Blitz. Starting in May, the Photo Challenge showcases the biodiversity of lakes across the country and the impacts that can threaten them.

3rd Annual National Lake Blitz

Lakes in Canada are threatened by habitat loss, invasive species, pollution and climate impacts like rising water temperatures. The goal of the National Lake Blitz is to encourage the widespread monitoring of lakes across Canada using simple tools so participants can easily understand the impacts affecting lake health while improving their water literacy.

From May to September, Lake Blitz volunteers across Canada help create a ‘snapshot’ of lake health by collecting temperature readings at their chosen lake and shoreline photos of their location and the colour of the water. All the data that’s being collected is added to the Lake Observation Map that can be viewed in real-time.

*Please visit the Lake Blitz Event Page for full details.


The Lake Blitz encourages, empowers, and equips volunteers with simple tools and techniques for gathering water data that is scientifically robust by providing standardized monitoring kits and instructions. Participants are required to gather air and water temperature data and take photos of the water colour, the shoreline, and any invasive species and wildlife they observe. Thermometers, detailed instructions, and ongoing support are provided by the Lake Blitz Program Manager.

Lake data is available on the Lake Blitz Observation Map and the Columbia Basin Water Hub.

Living Lakes Canada also seeks to inform better partnerships and collaboration amongst individuals and established monitoring groups throughout Canada.


  • What Living Lakes Canada provides you with:
    • A free Lake Blitz kit (contains a thermometer, tape measure, field guide, and data sheets)
  • What you need:
    • Camera or cellphone (to take photos)
    • Cellphone or Computer (to upload your monitoring results)


Not only is the National Lake Blitz an opportunity to encourage lake monitoring all over the country, it is also a celebration of Lakes Appreciation Month. Throughout the month of July, partner groups and Lake Blitz volunteers will be publicly featured to raise awareness of their water stewardship work. To learn more about Lakes Appreciation month head to the North American Lake Management Society webpage.


Starting in May, the Lake Biodiversity Photo Challenge is the kick-off event to the Lake Blitz that is open to the public. The purpose of the Photo Challenge is to raise awareness of the Lake Blitz and showcase the biodiversity of lakes in Canada and the impacts that can threaten them.

The challenge is for participants to snap a single photo, with as many plants and animals as possible, OR an impacted photo displaying human threats to lake environments, and submit it to the contest (all flora and fauna must remain undisturbed). 

Visit the Lake Biodiversity Photo Challenge event page.


To support the standardization of freshwater monitoring throughout British Columbia, Living Lakes Canada will work with partner organizations and provide funding, training, and support to improve their monitoring efforts and align them with Canada-B.C. Water Quality Monitoring guidelines and objectives.

B.C. monitoring groups participating in the Lake Blitz will have the opportunity to expand their freshwater efforts in the following areas of focus:

  • Invasive Species Monitoring
  • Water Monitoring Program Audits
  • Network Building


The Lake Blitz is managed by British Columbia resident Camille Leblanc. You can reach Camille at

See Camille's profile.

National Lake Blitz

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