Living Watersheds

Living Lakes Canada is a charitable water stewardship NGO with more than 20 years of experience working with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities to protect freshwater.

Our science-based programs are aligned with Provincial and Federal monitoring protocols and range from: groundwater, lake, stream and wetland monitoring, to foreshore health assessments, biomonitoring for aquatic assessment and restoration, and water database development and management.

We also deliver water monitoring training courses to support community-based stewardship efforts across the Canadian Columbia Basin, BC and Canada. Over the decades, we have delivered numerous educational programs targeting both youth and adults to promote water literacy and encourage a water conservation ethic.

We have been the recipient of numerous awards including (most recently): the BC Achievement Foundation Community Award & Mitchell Award of Distinction (2023), the Kootenay Conservation Program Conservation Leadership Award (2023), the North American Lake Management Society Appreciation Award for Advancements in Lake Management Technologies (2023), and the Canadian Open Data Society Open Data Quality Award (2023).

Our core staff work with our Board of Directors and an Advisory team comprised of experts in different fields. We partner with hundreds of  organizations from industry, First Nations, academia, government technology and scientific consultants, water stewardship groups and other non-profit societies both nationally and internationally. 

We’re a Steering Committee member of the Canadian Coalition for Healthy Waters and a member of the BC Watershed Security Coalition. We’re also a member of the Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners and the Kootenay Conservation Program.

Living Lakes Canada is affiliated with German-based Global Nature Fund’s Living Lakes International, a global network of organizations that share the same mission: to enhance, protect, restore and rehabilitate freshwater areas around the globe.

Members of the Living Lakes Canada team in Kimberley, BC