Columbia Basin Water Hub in testing phase

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We are excited to present a new information handout explaining the Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Collaborative and the associated Columbia Basin Water Hub (click the cover image below to view or download the PDF):

As acting secretariat of the Monitoring Collaborative, Living Lakes Canada has hired Selkirk Student Santiago Botero as the Columbia Basin Water Hub Database Manager. Santiago will be available to support user groups in navigating the Water Hub, which has recently been provided with a logo:



TESTING PHASE: The Water Hub is currently in the testing phase, with How-To Videos and a User Guide in the works.

GOVERNANCE: Until the Collaborative becomes a standalone entity, it will continue to be a project facilitated by Living Lakes Canada as its secretariat.

FRAMEWORK: On June 8, Living Lakes Canada coordinated and facilitated a workshop for senior hydrologists and water scientists from Provincial, Federal, private and academic sectors, with the goal of reaching consensus on a scientific framework to expand the water monitoring network of Canada’s Upper Columbia Basin. The proceedings and next steps will be posted onto the Living Lakes Canada website once completed in early August. View the meeting’s agenda.


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