Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Collaborative

The Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Collaborative (Monitoring Collaborative) is the current iteration of the Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Framework and Data Hub Initiative that got underway in November 2017 when Living Lakes Canada co-hosted the Cracking the Code in 3D: Water Data Hub and Monitoring Framework conference to envision a Water Monitoring Framework for the Columbia Basin.


The conference was a follow up to the 2017 CBT report by Dr. Martin Carver titled Water Monitoring and Climate in the Upper Columbia Basin: Summary of Current Status and Opportunities in order to set the stage for a coordinated water data collection and applied decision making for the Basin. Additionally, conference participants discussed the development of a Columbia Basin Water Data Hub, a digital access point to store Columbia Basin open access water data in a way that supports decision-making across all levels.

Since the 2017 conference, a database based on CKAN open source software has been specified to meet the needs of the Monitoring Collaborative and is currently under development.

In February 2019, Dr. Carver released a follow-up report that draws on the Trust’s Water Monitoring Summary and information gathered during its preparation, to provide guidance for those interested in supporting water monitoring for Basin communities and ecosystems. Recommendations in Water Monitoring and Climate Change in the Upper Columbia Basin – Guidance Information for Planning Monitoring Programs provides the foundation for the Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Framework and Data Hub currently facilitated by Living Lakes Canada.

Based on the scientific knowledge gaps identified in the 2019 Dr. Carver report, Monitoring Collaborative Steering Committee members have suggested that by conducting a water balance study, the Monitoring Collaborative would address the needs of the majority of stakeholders as well as the identified scientific knowledge gaps.



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