Local Data for Local Climate Action

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October 12, 2022 at 9:30 am to 10:15 am (America/Vancouver)


Globally, climate change impacts are altering landscapes. Extreme drought and flooding are affecting water, energy, and food supplies for hundreds of millions of people. Closer to home, climate impacts experienced in the Columbia Basin’s watersheds include hotter summers, longer dry periods, receding glaciers, longer wildfire seasons, decreasing water tables due to lower recharge rates, and glacial-fed rivers that are past peak flow.

Many of our land uses, from forestry to agriculture and urban development, exacerbate climate change. It is necessary to act, bring our land uses in line with mitigation of climate change, and prepare our communities to adapt to climate change. Adaptation and mitigation strategies for watershed security need to be local, and local strategies require local water and climate data.

Join Living Lakes Canada, Columbia Basin Climate Source, and Selkirk Innovates for a 1.25-hour Virtual Panel Discussion profiling different perspectives on how local data can inform climate action. Our four Expert Panelists include:

• Mark Thomas, Columbia River Salmon Reintroduction Initiative Technical Lead; Shuswap Band Councillor
• Paris Marshall Smith, Regional District of Central Kootenay Sustainability Planner
• Herb Hammond, Forest Ecologist; Nature-Directed Planner; Silva Forest Foundation Founder
• John Cathro, Registered Professional Forester; Independent Resource Professional

This discussion will contribute to a greater awareness of data needs, the tools available, and how we can work together for watershed security and for the health of the water-based ecosystems that support us. Attendees will be introduced to two online data solutions — Columbia Basin Water Hub and Columbia Basin Climate Source — developed for the Columbia Basin to help local communities plan effectively for a climate resilient future.

For more information about this event contact Living Lakes Canada’s Communications Director Nicole Trigg at communications@livinglakescanada.ca.

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