Hacking the World’s Freshwater Library

October 23, 2023 to November 6, 2023 ()

IISD Experimental Lakes Area is inviting all students and young professionals (ages 18 to 30) with coding experience and interest in freshwater science, data science, or web and software design, to join us in an exciting new hackathon.

You will work alongside like-minded peers, combining knowledge from your different disciplines, to build public and open-source solutions to real environmental issues and help protect Canada’s precious freshwater habitats.

Participants will be introduced to datasets that have been tracking the health of Canada’s fresh water for over 50 years, and others spanning hundreds of lakes and rivers, from the arctic to the maritime provinces. You’ll learn how to build a data product from start to finish, collaborate with a team, and work with established experts in the field who spend their days tackling issues from pollution and biodiversity loss to climate change.



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