Lake Blitz Volunteer Spotlight: Christine Chisholm

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The Lake Blitz Volunteer Spotlight series gives us the opportunity to show appreciation for our remarkable Lake Blitz volunteers. From B.C. to Nova Scotia, 340 volunteers are helping create a snapshot of lake health from May to September 2022 by collecting temperature readings and taking photos of the lake they’ve decided to monitor for climate impacts.

We are excited to present our latest volunteer to be featured in this series:  Christine Chisholm, who is joining in on the Lake Blitz from the East Coast!


Q – What lake are you monitoring? 

A – I’m monitoring Long Lake in Long Lake Provincial Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Q – What is your background?

A – ​I’m an avid outdoors person and I love hiking, camping, biking, paddle boarding and swimming. I can do most of those activities at Long Lake Provincial Park.

Q – Is this your first time volunteering for the National Lake Blitz? 

A – Yes this is my first time – my sister from Alberta introduced me to the program and she is also a participant this year.

Q – Why do you think water monitoring is important?

A – ​I think it’s important to protect the health of our lakes and all waters. Monitoring raises awareness and can help identify any issues at an early stage so that problems can be addressed early.

Q – What concerns you most about the future health of freshwater lakes? 

A – My biggest concern is pollution and its threat to the lakes and to the plants and animals that rely on our lakes.

Q – What is one thing everyone can do to protect their local lakes? 

A –  Leave the lake and surrounding area the way you found it.

Q – Do you have a personal connection to your lake(s)?

A – ​My lake is within a 15 minute walk of my house and I have been enjoying the lake and surrounding trails for many years. Summer is my favourite time of year when I can swim and paddle on the lake.


Thank you Christine for volunteering your time to monitor Long Lake this summer. We hope to see you back for next year’s National Lake Blitz!


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