Announcing the Lake Biodiversity Photo Challenge

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Starting May 21, the Lake Biodiversity Photo Challenge is the kick-off event that is open to the public to help raise awareness of the Lake Blitz.

The Photo Challenge will showcase the biodiversity of Canadian Lakes and the impacts that can threaten them. The challenge is for participants to snap a single photo, with as many plants and animals as possible, OR an impactful photo displaying human threats to lake environments, and submit it to the contest. All flora and fauna must remain undisturbed. Winning photos will be selected based on biodiversity, impact, and a public favourite.

Who can join? Everyone!

What do I need? A camera or smartphone and your favourite lake

What do I do? Between May 21 & July 31, 2021, snap a photo of your lake that demonstrates its biodiversity OR that displays human threats to the lake environment .

Submit your photo and the name/location of your lake via the Lake Blitz website OR email your photo(s) to OR tag it with #LakeBlitzPhoto on social media.

Living Lakes Canada will feature submitted photos every week on our website and social media channels.

Winners of the Photo Challenge will be chosen by Earth Rangers President Tovah Barocas and announced at the end of Lakes Appreciation Month in July. One winner will be chosen for each of the following categories: 

  1. Most Biodiverse (capturing wildlife and plant species)
  2. Most Impactful (capturing impacts such as algal blooms, invasive species and shoreline development)
  3. 3. Public Favourites (voted for on social media)

Questions? Want to get involved? Contact the Lake Blitz Coordinators Georgia Peck and Camille LeBlanc at

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