Columbia Basin Community-Based Groundwater Monitoring Program

Living Lakes Canada has been leading a Community-Based Groundwater Monitoring Program in the Columbia Basin since 2013. Groundwater stewardship is central to community water sustainability. Groundwater helps maintain water levels in rivers and lakes, which is vital for human use […]

Storm-water Treatment Wetland

We’ve begun work on a new wetland in Nelson, BC that will naturally treat stormwater before it flows into Kootenay Lake. By slowing down stormwater runoff and filtering it down into the ground, wetlands give natural biological processes time to […]

Canada Water Week

Canada Water Week is a week-long celebration of water from coast-to-coast-to-coast that coincides with UN World Water day in March every year. Individuals, organizations and governments host events across the country to raise the profile of water and its importance […]

CABIN and Indigenous Language Preservation

Indigenous Knowledge and culture in Canada, includes a way of life rich with songs, stories, ceremonies, values, beliefs and languages.  Indigenous languages are used to pass on this way of life, knowledge and experience to future generations. In Canada, most […]

eDNA Biomonitoring Pilot Project

To address the critical need for understanding the status of freshwater health Living Lakes Canada in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund-Canada, University of Guelph and Environment and Climate Change Canada is developing a national citizen science program using Environmental […]

The Lake Windermere Project

The project that started it all! Lake Windermere is the most heavily-used body of water in the entire Columbia Valley of southeast British Columbia, Canada. This shallow widening of the Columbia River is a water recreation “playground” AND a source […]

I Love My Lake

I Love My Lake Canadians have a love affair with water. Make your lake love affair public. Get involved in water projects in your area. Order a Bumper Sticker Submit a Photo Submit a Written or Video Declaration Show your […]

Get Involved

Want to start monitoring in your watershed? Living Lakes Canada offers water monitoring training workshops for streams, lakes and groundwater. We offer participants certification in provincial and federal standardized protocols such as the Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network (CABIN). We provide leadership support for communities setting up water monitoring programs. To inquire about training and community-based water monitoring programs contact us today.