Kootenay Lake, Duck Bay Restoration Project

Together with the City of Nelson and in partnership with the Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society (FOKLSS), LLC is planning an exciting restoration project and wetland expansion for Duck Bay on Kootenay Lake. By pulling invasive species, planting native species, and extending the existing bioswale/wetland, we are planning to mitigate the contaminants entering the lake while intensifying plant coverage and erosion control.

We are excited to be engaging local residents throughout this restoration project. We will be training citizen scientists for water quality monitoring and involving various volunteer groups for the pulling of invasives and planting and staking of native species during spring and summer. We will host workshops for a variety of school groups from elementary to college levels in order to talk about what is happening at Duck Bay and the overall health of Kootenay Lake.

By collaborating on a project with such great public visibility we will not only be maintaining the health of the lake but fostering a greater awareness and stewardship ethic around water quality and restoration within the community.

Those involved with Duck Bay restoration in the past:

Ducks Unlimited Canada: http://www.ducks.ca/
Wildflower School (wetland sign design): https://wildflower.sd8.bc.ca/
Brimacombe Design (Ducks Unlimited sign design): https://www.sherrybrimacombe.com/

Treebear Plants & Ecological Services: https://treebearplants.ca/
Selkirk College: http://www.selkirk.ca/

KLP Shoreline Guidance Document: http://kootenaylakepartnership.com/