Karen Kun

Karen Kun

Advisors | All Living Lakes Canada Programs

Director and Co-founder
Waterlution – A Water Learning Experience

Karen Kun is Director and Co-founder of Waterlution – A Water Learning Experience and Publisher of Corporate Knights magazine. She is a current DiverseCity Fellow and board member of the Small Change Fund (smallchangefund.org), Leadership Development at the Banff Centre, and the Living Lakes Network Canada. Karen has a combined business-environmental background, including a commerce degree from Concordia University specializing in international business and an advanced geography education from York University, with a focus on water and environmental management. She founded Waterlution in 2003, after piloting water-learning programs in South Africa with local stakeholders following involvement in the World Summit for Sustainable Development.

With experience working as a consultant in the UK and as a field worker in Columbia, Costa Riva, Bolivia and South Africa (via Oxfam-Quebec and CUSO), Karen has developed extensive strategy and research capabilities surrounding environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. She is devoted to advancing social change, systems thinking, and ecological diversity, and one of her greatest passions is encouraging inter-generational learning and transferring knowledge through mentorship opportunities.

Karen is committed to creating spaces for dialogue through facilitating and documenting the voice of specialized groups and stakeholders. She has used film production as a method of achieving this goal, and completed her first film, “A New Culture of Water”, in Soweto, South Africa in 2004. Karen is currently working on a film on water in Canada.