“The two-day workshop hosted by Living Lakes Canada with support from World Wildlife Fund–Canada itself was engaging, very hands-on, and a lot of fun! Going over the procedures three times offered a terrific way to learn. Round one – ‘just watch the coaches do this – no magic here – you can do this too, just follow the protocols’. Round two – ‘put on your gear, all boots and hands in the water, work with the tools, follow the procedures – just do it!’ Round three – ‘ok, we know what needs to be done now and how to do it properly – let’s see if we can get it right this time and do it perfectly!’.”

~ Excerpt from guest blog by Ghost Watershed Alliance Society CABIN team about their CABIN workshop in Canmore, AB in July

Web link: https://mailchi.mp/e6c1b91900c9/living-lakes-canada-news-stream-october-2019


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