Completing the Loop: Reflections on the 2014 Healing Walk

A heavy grey fog hangs over the massive Athabasca River. Looking out the microbus window, my mind wanders to memories of last year’s tar sands Healing Walk. Apprehension and nostalgia mix, creating an unexpected anxiety about returning to this land […]

Rivers and Roads to the Athabasca Healing Walk

“I’ll have a triple-triple,” the man in line at the counter says. Considering the drive we’ve had, this doesn’t seem like a bad idea, although not one we’re used to hearing. Traversing the Rockies draws attention to the subtle and […]

Intensive fish farming threatens Philippine crater lake – Lake Campaloc is “Threatened Lake of the Year 2014”

The environmental foundation Global Nature Fund (GNF) proclaims the Philippine’s Lake Sampaloc and the six other crater lakes in San Pablo City, Province Laguna, as the “Threatened Lake of the Year 2014”. In commemoration of World Wetlands Day, the GNF […]

Living Lakes Canada Presenting at Watersheds 2014

In September 2013, Living Lakes Canada hosted a Watershed Governance Symposium – Think Like a Watershed in Fairmont, BC which sparked some ideas about the future of water in the Columbia Basin. Watersheds is a gathering hosted by POLIS, project […]

Featured Project

Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Collaborative & Water Hub

The Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Collaborative (Monitoring Collaborative) is the current iteration of the Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Framework and Data Hub Initiative that got underway in November 2017 when Living Lakes Canada co-hosted the Cracking the Code in 3D: […]


Living Lakes Canada delivers programs in 4 core areas: watershed awareness and education; citizen science and stewardship; watershed restoration; and innovative policy approaches for governance, management, and planning.  We are a collaboration of community organizations working to build capacity for the effective protection of Canada’s freshwater resources, by bridging the gap between science and action to foster a culture of normalizing water stewardship through citizen science.

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