Columbia Basin Community-Based Groundwater Monitoring Program continues

Groundwater stewardship is central to community water sustainability. Groundwater helps maintain water levels in rivers and lakes, which is vital for human use and healthy ecosystems. Careful management and allocation of groundwater is becoming increasingly important as populations continue to […]

Proceedings of Columbia Basin water framework conference now available

Columbia Basin, February 14, 2018 – On November 29 & 30, 2017 in Invermere, a two-day conference attended by 120 water experts, residents and guests was convened by Living Lakes Canada, Columbia Basin Trust, the Columbia Basin Watershed Network and […]

The Water Data Hub Proceedings are here

THE WATER DATA HUB PROCEEDINGS ARE HERE! After a lot of hard work, we are so excited to bring you the proceedings from the Water Data Hub. This document would not have been possible without the commitment from the event participants and […]

International Community-Based Water Monitoring Experiences: COLOMBIA

Canadian experiences in community-based water monitoring were recently shared in Columbia as part of the Building the Extractive Sector Governance in Colombia (Comunica) project, which Agriteam Canada Consulting Ltd. is implementing on behalf of Global Affairs Canada. Raegan Mallinson, Water […]

Featured Project

STREAM & DNA metabarcoding

Environmental DNA (eDNA) is an emerging tool for monitoring present biodiversity. It uses gene sequencing linked to DNA/RNA barcode libraries to allow for faster, more complete profile of biodiversity content from very small samples. Internationally, countries like Australia, the EU […]


Living Lakes Canada delivers programs in 4 core areas: watershed awareness and education; citizen science and stewardship; watershed restoration; and innovative policy approaches for governance, management, and planning.  We are a collaboration of community organizations working to build capacity for the effective protection of Canada’s freshwater resources, by bridging the gap between science and action to foster a culture of normalizing water stewardship through citizen science.

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