Taking in teachings from Northern Canada’s water stewards

Last October, Living Lakes Canada visited the Northwest Territories (NWT) to learn and share about community-based monitoring experiences in Northern Canada and beyond. Living Lakes Canada attended and presented at both the NWT Water Stewardship Strategy in Dettah, NWT and […]

Moving into 2020 with groundwater monitoring

As we move into 2020, the Columbia Basin Groundwater Monitoring Program will continue to partner with well owners to monitor groundwater levels to assess how they change seasonally and year to-year.  We monitor existing groundwater wells that are not used […]

Living Lakes Canada attends Transboundary Conference

In November 2019, Living Lakes Canada attended the Lake Roosevelt Forum Conference in Spokane, Washington. The Forum’s mission is to establish a dialog to strengthen collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders who have interests in and around Lake Roosevelt, which resulted […]

Travelling tour brings together Columbia Basin water stewardship groups

From November 25-28, 2019 the Columbia Basin Watershed Network (CBWN) Program Manager, a research student from the University of Vermont and team members from Living Lakes Canada (LLC) travelled throughout the Columbia Basin to connect with CBWN member groups through […]

Featured Project

STREAM & DNA metabarcoding

Environmental DNA (eDNA) is an emerging tool for monitoring present biodiversity. It uses gene sequencing linked to DNA/RNA barcode libraries to allow for faster, more complete profile of biodiversity content from very small samples. Internationally, countries like Australia, the EU […]


Living Lakes Canada delivers programs in 4 core areas: watershed awareness and education; citizen science and stewardship; watershed restoration; and innovative policy approaches for governance, management, and planning.  We are a collaboration of community organizations working to build capacity for the effective protection of Canada’s freshwater resources, by bridging the gap between science and action to foster a culture of normalizing water stewardship through citizen science.

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