Ben Herringer monitors Long Lake in Nova Scotia

 In All, Volunteer Spotlight

The Lake Blitz Volunteer Spotlight series gives us the opportunity to show appreciation for our remarkable Lake Blitz volunteers. From B.C. to Nova Scotia, 442 volunteers signed up to create a snapshot of lake health from May to September 2023 by collecting temperature readings and taking photos of the lake they’ve decided to monitor to better understand climate impacts.

We are excited to present our latest volunteer to be featured in this series: Ben Herringer, who is joining in on the Lake Blitz from Nova Scotia!


Q – What is your background?

A – My background is in the health sciences. I studied kinesiology and nutrition at university and worked abit in that field after graduating. Over the past few years, I’ve become very interested in ecology and environmental issues. Now I’m working towards a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems, and hoping it will lead to opportunities working in nature conservation.

Q – What lake(s) are you monitoring (include province)?

A – Long Lake in Nova Scotia (Mi’kma’ki)

Q – Do you have a personal connection to your lakes?

A- Not really, but it was the first lake and provincial park I explored when I moved to Halifax. It’s easily accessible from the city so I’ve enjoyed going there to hike and swim during the summers.

Q – What motivated you to volunteer with the National Lake Blitz?

A – I wanted to learn more about lake ecosystems and how they’re being affected by climate change. Also, I had never done any sort of water monitoring before and thought it was a great opportunity to try it out and contribute some water quality data from the east coast.

Q – What concerns do you have about the future health of your chosen lake?

A – Climate change is my biggest concern, as the impacts resulting from increasing global temperatures will threaten the health of lakes and many other ecosystems. Human impacts like pollution are also a concern, because Long Lake is located close to the City of Halifax and has a lot of visitors. 

Q – What is your favourite bird, fish or other wildlife species you see at your lake?

A – There are a lot of birds that live around Long Lake, and my favourites to see or hear are the spotted sandpiper, loon, and thrush.

Q – What is one thing everyone can do to protect their local lakes?

A- A good start is to learn more about climate change and other threats to the lakes in your area. You can take action by following or getting involved with local organizations that work to protect and steward your local lakes, and help them spread the word about important issues.

Ben also shared a video with us capturing his Lake Blitz monitoring experience. Check it out below!

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