Lake Blitz Volunteer Spotlight: Inderpaul Dhaliwal

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The Lake Blitz Volunteer Spotlight series gives us the opportunity to show appreciation for our remarkable Lake Blitz volunteers. From B.C. to Nova Scotia, 340 volunteers are helping create a snapshot of lake health from May to September 2022 by collecting temperature readings and taking photos of the lake(s) they’ve decided to monitor for climate impacts. We are excited to present our latest volunteer to be featured in this series:  Inderpaul Dhaliwal, who is joining in on the Lake Blitz from the West Coast!

Q – What lake are you monitoring? 

A – I’m monitoring Shuswap Lake in B.C.​

Q – What is your background?

A – ​I work as an Engineering Technologist at a large copper mine outside of Logan Lake, B.C.

Q – Is this your first time volunteering for the National Lake Blitz? 

A – Yes

Q – Why do you think water monitoring is important?

A – ​We are fortunate to live in an area surrounded by hundreds of lakes and it’s important to understand the impact human activities have on these lakes.

Q – What concerns you most about the future health of freshwater lakes? 

A – My biggest concern is that adverse human activities will limit access to our freshwater lakes and not provide the recreational activities that our family has been able to enjoy for many years.

Q – What is one thing everyone can do to protect their local lakes? 

A – Obey the rules of the lakes, whether this pertains to fishing, boating etc. in order to keep our lakes in excellent shape for future generations to enjoy.

Q – Do you have a personal connection to your lake(s)?

A – ​My family (myself, wife & 2 young children) spend our summers at Shuswap Lake and enjoy swimming, boating and fishing on a regular basis.


Thank you Inderpaul for volunteering your time to monitor Shuswap Lake this summer. We hope to see you back for next year’s National Lake Blitz!



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