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The following resources produced by Living Lakes Canada showcase the progress, merits and advantages of Community-Based Water Monitoring (CBWM) as evidenced through our water stewardship work:

One successful example of CBWM is the Living Lakes Canada STREAM-CABIN program. STREAM (Sequencing the Rivers for Environmental Assessment and Monitoring) is a community-based project that involves the collection of benthic macroinvertebrates from rivers across Canada to generate a better understanding of the health of river systems.

One successful example of CBWM is the Living Lakes Canada Columbia Basin Groundwater Monitoring Program, which has the goal of increasing knowledge about groundwater resources to effectively inform sustainable water management and meet the needs of people and nature.

Living Lakes Canada led a water monitoring training course for the Binche Whu’ten First Nation on their traditional territory in BC’s Nechako Watershed in September 2020. Participants learned how to measure freshwater ecosystem health with federally standardized methods to start their own long-term water monitoring program. The course was part of the STREAM pilot project.

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