Request for Proposals: Upper Columbia Basin lake surveys using FIMP methodology

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The Foreshore Integrated Management Planning (FIMP) Project Team is pleased to release a RFP for its second field season happening in 2021.

Request for Proposal

Living Lakes Canada invites proposals from qualified consulting firms to survey and report on the following lakes using the FIMP methodology:

  1. Kootenay Lake (approximate latitude and longitude: 49.5701, –116.8312)
  2. Slocan Lake (approximate latitude and longitude: 49.9453, -117.3752)

This work might be awarded as one project (with two lakes to be surveyed), or as individual lake projects (each with a single lake to be surveyed). Consequently, LLC is open to proponents submitting two versions of their RFP. For example, Version 1 might represent the project (and cost) if two lakes are awarded to the proponent, while Version 2 might represent the project (and cost) if only one of the lakes is awarded to the proponent.

The RFP and supporting documents are listed below:

Request for Standing Offer

Living Lakes Canada is also pleased to Request Standing Offers (RSO) from qualified agencies for one additional lake that might be surveyed (using the FIMP methodology) in summer of 2021.

Closing Date and Time

Extended to: Monday, June 14, 2021 at 11:00 PM PST


Contact FIMP Program Manager Georgia Peck:

Visit the FIMP project page to learn more.

Please note: Formerly known as “Foreshore Inventory Mapping” (FIM), FIMP is the new name updated to reflect the methodology (FIM is actually a sub-component of the overarching FIMP methodology).

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