Living Lakes Canada: Dive Into Citizen Science and Foreshore Integrated Management Planning

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May 5, 2021 at 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
(204) 848-7354

This series will be divided into two parts, exploring Living Lakes Canada and their current initiatives, followed by a detailed look into the Foreshore Integrated Management Planning (FIMP) Program. Attendees will learn about Living Lakes history, culture and current projects, including the National Lake Blitz; a nationwide event encouraging the everyday Canadian to act as water steward through simple temperature sampling and lake photography. This event will highlight the importance of community-based water monitoring, recognize the local stewardship groups championing this work, and result in a nationwide newsletter for information sharing and networking opportunities.

Following Part 1, the FIMP Program will be described with a look at surveyed lakes and the outcomes of FIMP implementation. We will recognize important achievements including, updated methodology and lake prioritization reports, as well as 4 new shoreline guidance documents that will be used to inform public and shoreline property owners on best management practices related to their local lakes.

Georgia Peck and Camille Leblanc, Program Coordinators, will lead these workshops in support of the Lake Blitz Event. The Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve and their associated Healthy Prairie Lakes Network hold collaboration potential for prairie lakes.

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