Lake Inventory Program wraps up year 2

In late 2019, Living Lakes Canada entered into a four-year Contribution Agreement with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and their Canada Nature Fund for Aquatic Species at Risk Program to complete a four-year “Foreshore Integrated Management Planning (FIMP) for Aquatic […]

Results are in from the Columbia Basin Water Hub Survey 

The Columbia Basin Water Hub is in the final stages of development and testing before its launch as the collective hub of Columbia Basin-relevant water data collected by the water monitoring groups in the Basin. Information on the Water Data […]

Living Lakes Canada joins panel for Canada Water Agency BC Freshwater Forum

We are pleased to announce that Living Lakes Canada Executive Director Kat Hartwig will be one of the panelists for the Canada Water Agency BC Freshwater Forum taking place on February 16.  This Regional Freshwater Forum — one of six forums […]

World Wetlands Day 2021: The importance of wetlands and water

“We are using more freshwater than nature can replace, and are destroying the ecosystem that water and life depend on. Water and wetlands are connected in an inseparable co-existence that is vital to life, our wellbeing and the health of […]

Featured Project

Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Collaborative & Water Hub

The Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Collaborative (Monitoring Collaborative) is the current iteration of the Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Framework and Data Hub Initiative that got underway in November 2017 when Living Lakes Canada co-hosted the Cracking the Code in 3D: […]


Living Lakes Canada delivers programs in 4 core areas: watershed awareness and education; citizen science and stewardship; watershed restoration; and innovative policy approaches for governance, management, and planning.  We are a collaboration of community organizations working to build capacity for the effective protection of Canada’s freshwater resources, by bridging the gap between science and action to foster a culture of normalizing water stewardship through citizen science.

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