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in Community-Based Water Monitoring.

Living Lakes Canada leads field certification courses in the Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network (CABIN) protocol. This 2-day field practicum provides the tools necessary for participants to conduct scientifically credible assessments of streams at a national standard.

Living Lakes Canada uses a modified CABIN Standard Operating Procedure developed by Environment and Climate Change Canada for DNA metabarcoding analysis as part of the STREAM project.

More information, our training dates, and how to register is available.

Volunteers can contact us to work with our team to determine if your well is suitable for monitoring groundwater levels.

Volunteer Your Groundwater Well

for the Columbia Basin Groundwater Monitoring Program.

Living Lakes Canada is currently conducting a pilot Groundwater Monitoring Program project in the Columbia Basin, B.C.

Groundwater stewardship is central to community water sustainability as groundwater helps maintain water levels in rivers and lakes, which is vital for human use and healthy ecosystems.

We are looking for groundwater wells in the Columbia Basin region to monitor.

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with Living Lakes Canada.

As leaders in our field, Living Lakes Canada provides expert internship opportunities for students and volunteers.

Gain a new perspective, strengthen your resume and build your network with other passionate water stewards.

Become part of our efforts to support the promotion of a water stewardship ethic across Canada.

Ask us about any intern and volunteer opportunities we have available.

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